“Design is limited only by your imagination”

Love Friday is the uniquique collaboration of two friends, Sue an interior designer living in Adelaide and Kim a designer and stylist living in Hong Kong. With Sue and Kim’s shared love of interiors, styling and design, it is not surprising that Love Friday started as a conversation about homewares. Most likely Sue’s frustration at sourcing homewares in limited quantities to ensure a point of difference. The solution became clear when Kim moved to Hong Kong and started sourcing interesting fabrics and trims from the streets and markets of SSP. From this our first product the Tribal Floor cushion was born which followed with more cushions, clutches and bags. Living in different counties has been challenging however with the help of the internet and frequent flights they have been able to overcome the tyranny of distance, with one simple rule. They must both absolutely love it before they put anything into production, or it stays on the drawing board!

The story of our Love Friday Thermo Bag.
What Started as a typical lunch bag soon became our most popular product due to its versatility. We have rebranded and finessed its design ensuring that its appeal reached a wider audience, simply put…. everyone eats lunch, so why not create something for everybody. With our variety of tassels and fabrics carefully selected to appeal to new mums, working women, teenagers, men, travellers on the go, school children and the new age tradesman who packs his healthy lunch from home.

The thermo bag is insulated and thermo lined, used to carry food, drinks, medicines, cosmetics or even the soggy cozy. By increasing the size it is now large enough to fit a bottle of wine and frozen ice pack. The bag is versatile, it is light and gorgeous enough to double as a clutch, so you are set for the beach or a fun night out.